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Benjamin Thomas Taylor is known for his bright, Pop Art inspired landscapes. Fuelled by a sense of joy, his detailed paintings and prints open up hyperreal spaces, crossing from reality into a parallel world of limitless possibility, full of colour and creation.

Having studied painting at the University of Brighton, he has since gone on to be represented by a number of galleries both in the UK and internationally. He has also created the album artwork for musical artists including Robbie Williams and Paolo Nutini as well as creating artwork for brands such as Nike and Rough Trade Records.

We’ve recently collaborated with Ben on an exclusive new print drop, ‘I Want to Jump Into David Hockney’s Swimming Pool With You’ – inviting anyone and everyone to share their own sense of joy in a new, limited editioned screen print. Add yours to your collection now.

In this interview, we talked with Ben about his career, art that inspires him, creating album covers for Robbie Williams, and his obsession with titles.

Dovehouse Studios: how would you describe your artistic style?

Ben: My artistic style leans towards Pop Art. I’m really drawn to big blocks of colour. They evoke such a strong sense of possibility.

Benjamin Thomas Taylor


Dovehouse Studios: how did you become a painter?

Ben: I’ve always just made stuff. Growing up around Snowdonia, my art teacher would take photographs of the landscape and bring them into school for me to paint.

I used to spend my evenings as a teenager painting photographs from magazines in my bedroom whilst listening to John Peel sessions on the radio.

I then went on to study painting at a college in North Wales and then at Brighton University. I was lucky to have some influential tutors during that time, including the Welsh landscape painter Peter Prendergast and printmaker Tom Hammick. I have worked consistently ever since.

Benjamin Thomas Taylor

Dovehouse Studios: What is your creative process? Can you describe the different steps that go into creating a new work or series or works?

Ben: My practice has a lot of variety. There is also a lot of experimentation, like a pseudoscientist. Ideas are nurtured over long periods of time, often years until a synergy develops between material, concept, medium and technique.

 Benjamin Thomas Taylor

Dovehouse Studios: One of the striking features of your overall body of work is an immense sense of joy. What inspirations do you take from when formulating your work?

Ben: Romanticising places I have never been to, long journeys, art documentaries, Ukiyo-e woodblock landscapes, white walls, the smell of art materials, gardens, waking up early, photographs of artist’s studios, colour, overcast days, picture books about art, turps, sunlight on a south facing sea, pine trees...the list is endless. 

 Benjamin Thomas Taylor

Dovehouse Studios: How do you see the viewer interacting with and personalising with your artworks?

Ben: I want my work to be generous. I want them to be about the viewer, not me.

 Benjamin Thomas Taylor

Dovehouse Studios: How would you describe your studio practise?

Ben: Messy

 Benjamin Thomas Taylor

Dovehouse Studios: You have created album artwork for artists including Robbie Williams, Paolo Nutini and Jamie Cullum. What inspired you to go down that route?

Ben: It was never intentional. I had a friend who worked for Atlantic Records. They were struggling to make the cover for a Paolo Nutini album. I got a call to ask if I could paint his portrait. I was on holiday at the time. Thankfully Paolo loved it and my friend and I have since gone on to collaborate on a number of other projects.

Robbie Williams, Benjamin Thomas Taylor Benjamin Thomas Taylor

Dovehouse Studios: The work you have created for this release, ‘I Want to Jump In David Hockney’s Swimming Pool With You’ balances fun with a powerful sense of purpose. What is the story behind the work?

Ben: I’ve always been obsessed with titles. They are often the genesis of an idea. In this piece the title is the work, a love letter that delves into the realms of art history, evoking imagery of palm trees, clear blue LA skies, painted swimming pools and the works of David Hockney.

David Hockney
Image © Sotheby's / The Splash (detail) © David Hockney 1966


Dovehouse Studios: How do you see your body of work developing in the future?

Ben: I have so many artworks I want to make. I don’t really have a plan. I’ll just keep making stuff and see where it leads. Hopefully to places I haven’t thought of yet.

Ben's new print, 'I Want To Jump In David Hockney's Swimming Pool With You' (2023) is releasing 12th May 2023, 2pm BST exclusively with Dovehouse Studios.

Benjamin Thomas Taylor

Benjamin Thomas Taylor
‘I Want To Jump In David Hockney’s Swimming Pool With You’ (2023)
Hand finished Screen Print on 300gsm Somerset Satin Paper
Edition of 75 (each piece has a unique colour combination of hand painted letters)
70 x 100 cm
Hand signed, numbered and dated by the artist. Publisher stamp verso. 
Release price: £295
For further information visit here


Dropping 12th May 2023, 2pm BST


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