About Us


Launched in 2023, Dovehouse Studios produces and publishes exclusive limited editioned artworks by some of the world’s most exciting contemporary artists.

We Democratise

Dovehouse Studios is committed to ensuring a democratised art collecting process achieved via the sale of high quality limited editioned fine art created by exceptionally talented artists, sold at affordable prices. All works are made available to purchase directly from our website, offering everyone the opportunity to collect with us.

Benjamin Thomas Taylor

We Create

Our artworks are made using the highest quality methods and materials, made in close connection to the artist's output to ensure a finished work which closely reflects the artist's overall body of work. All our works are hand signed and numbered by the artist, further testing our quality control process.


Our Artists

First and foremost, we are an artist-focused organisation. We have built relationships with our artists over the course of many years, allowing us a deep understanding of their practise, overall body of work, working methods and visual ambitions. We work carefully with the artist on each project in the spirit of collaboration to ensure i) the highest project quality and ii) maximum impact for all stakeholders involved.

Benjamin Thomas Taylor

Our Collectors 

We are purposefully set up to allow anyone the opportunity to collect with us. We just think that’s the most democratic way to do it. Everyone's welcome here. So whether you’re a seasoned collector or a first time buyer, we all buy in the same place.